SwimPod - the missing link!!

SwimPod - the missing link!!

A little explanation on why the much anticipated private SwimPod is frustratingly taking so darn long to open!

Although all set up and already being tested by ourselves and others (see below) the pool cover system which was provided with the pool has proven a little tricky to remove and replace after swimming. It is however essential as without it the pool would loose heat and create a lot of humidity. So we have been exploring further options but as usual on the Isle of Man things take twice as long to arrive and cost three times as much to get here. We are however hopeful that we’ve come up with a solution and its winging its way to us as I write this. If its suitable the plan is to have the SwimPod open for bookings middle to end of next week.

But you shouldn’t let your excitement levels drop because the SwimPod is brilliant!

I’m amazed at how much harder swimming in the Endless Pool is than swimming in a regular pool although on scouring the Internet I’ve discovered that swimming in an Endless Pool is closer to open water swimming than pool swimming, in a couple of ways. First, the water isn’t entirely smooth, it’s like swimming in an open water race. Second, it’s easy to get off-line—out of the stream—especially in the beginning.
It definitely takes a little getting used to as you find your feet are dragged downwards by the circulating current so you need to kick harder and you must keep your body straight and in the current flow or you’ll be tossed sidewards. Any flaw in your stroke will be highlighted by the Endless Pool as you will go to one side or the other so you suddenly realise how imperative it is to be able to swim in a straight line! So all in all it adds up to an even better swim workout than you could have ever imagined … believe me my abdominal muscles say so!

Our pool has also been given a huge thumbs up from Nigel of Manx Health and Fitness. A well know Personal Trainer Nigel holds a BSc Hons degree in Sports Science, he is a level 2 qualified swimming teacher with over 10 years experience teaching & coaching swimming as well as having represented the Isle of Man in the Island Games swimming team.
He says “I’ve now found my favourite training pool on the Island. A pool where nobody swims in the way, slows you down and nothing gets in the way … Not even the walls. Very easy to use and a wide range of speeds to cater for all abilities. Cannot recommend this modern, clean facility enough!”
I honestly didn’t think we would ever get him out!

It is also due to be tested this weekend by Nicola Co-owner of Silver Sharks Swimming School. As well as being a busy mum, Nicola is a level 2 qualified swimming teacher with over 10 years experience of teaching and coaching swimming and a member of the Institute of Swimming.
Fingers crossed she loves it too :)

I’m also thrilled to tell you that Silver Sharks Swim School are keen to offer one to one lessons in our private SwimPod for all ages and abilities, from just learning to improving your stroke to competitive swimming. You can contact Nigel or Nicola on silversharks@manx.net or call 455515.

So as Dory said in Finding Nemo “When life gets you down … Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! “


  • Nadine Gordon:

    is this facility up and running we have an ADHD Autistic son with weight gain problems and this could help, thanks

  • FitnessPod:

    Really sorry Nadine we had so many issues with the pool, people mistreating it & the running costs the main two, that I’m afraid we took the very difficult decision to remove it from the facility. We now have 4 GymPods, a SkiPod and a weights based PowerPod. Di x

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