Swim Hats and Christmas Trees

Swim Hats and Christmas Trees

Well well here we are Christmas almost upon us shortly followed thereafter by a new year …

Christmas shopping and parties are in full flow which has had a small impact on the number of users in the FitnessPods. Everyone is always so busy at this time of year and let’s face it, it must be nigh on impossible to write Christmas cards whilst running on a treadmill!

I must put my hands up and admit my FitnessPod sessions have suffered somewhat over the past few weeks what with festive preparations, Christmas shopping trips and visitors.
I have still been enjoying a couple of swims in the SwimPod whenever I could squeeze them in and have even treated myself to a rather funky swim hat!

Swim hat?!? What?!?… Yes really! Although we try to keep them as low as possible the chemicals in the water are playing havoc with my highlights. So my hairdresser is insisting I don, for the first time in my life, one of the most fetching & sexy types of headgear ever invented. I tell you it’s just as well our SwimPod is private as I certainly wouldn’t be sporting this baby in public!
Go on admit it … anyone else hoping to find one of these under the tree on Chistmas Day?

But I must admit my hairdresser is a very wise woman indeed. Hair is looking good and certainly all the FitnessPod sessions are paying off as I have had some lovely comments about how much weight I’ve lost … but I think that’s another blog? Perhaps a New Years one to inspire you 

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