Crimbo Limbo ..... and Fresh Starts

Crimbo Limbo ..... and Fresh Starts

Well another Christmas over and here we are right in the middle of that sleepy awkward period between Christmas and New Year. The time when you eat your body weight in leftovers, Christmas cake, chocolates and cheese and give yourself alcohol poisoning …. Or maybe that’s just me!

It’s nearly time to start thinking about those New Years resolutions although I for one have never been a huge fan of New Years resolutions. Too many promise themselves the moon, the stars and the sun and people forget just how hard they have to work to keep those resolutions.

For example, many people resolve to get in shape or lose weight for the New Year. They tie themselves into a Gym membership and eventually that expensive membership goes unused. Time is a factor in all our lives and time was not factored in when you bought the membership. Luckily FitnessPod is different in that we have no membership fees or contract and we’re open 24 hours a day.

However changes won’t happen overnight. Here’s a few hints and tips to help you stick to a new FitnessPod workout plan

1) Don’t try to make a lot of changes at once. Make one positive change a month and keep at it until it’s a habit. Then tackle the next change you’d like to happen.

2) To make sticking to your FitnessPod plan easier, start with clothes. Invest in quality exercise pieces that look good and feel good, so you’re less likely to ditch your session.

3) How about telling the world about your resolution — you’re less likely to break it if pride is on the line. Announce your goal to friends, family, random strangers, social media … Our FitnessPod Facebook page is a good place to start!

4) Even better resolve to start your new workout plan with a friend. You’ll be able to encourage each other along, its harder to cry off if a friend is waiting and at FitnessPod it means you can split the cost.

5) Be organised! Sit down one evening a week and plan your workouts. At FitnessPod you can book sessions up to 3 weeks in advance and you’ll be less likely to skip a FitnessPod session if you have them in your diary.

6) Lastly, consistency is key. Don’t expect to see a six-pack of abs and a toned tummy overnight. With any physical work you have to chip away at it slowly.

And remember if you fall off the wagon you don’t need to wait until next January to start again …. think of every Monday as a fresh start!

Good luck

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