To Be The Best We Can Be

To Be The Best We Can Be

So changes are afoot over at FitnessPod

You hopefully will have received an email or seen our Facebook or Twitter postings about the new exciting add on to our booking system.
In addition to the usual method of receiving your booking confirmation and door access code by email you can now have it texted to your mobile! We’re hoping this will make it much easier for you lovely people to have the correct code at the touch of a button. So make sure you’ve got the right phone number on your profile to take advantage of this really rather techy geeky update.

We’ve also widened our SwimPod changing room today in anticipation of the installation of a shower room. Hurrah at long last I hear some shout! Yes I think we’ve all known for a while that a shower was desperately required in the SwimPod but the purse strings had to be wrestled from hubby’s grasp!
Unfortunately owing to plumbing layout there’s nowhere else for it to go and it needs to be part of the SwimPod. This means that showering time will need to be within your hour session but what we’re also hoping (insisting on!) is that everyone will have a shower before entering the pool and this will help us to keep the water fresher and use less chemicals.

I’m also pleased to say we’ve taken a customers suggestion on board and have ordered a Swiss exercise ball for each of the GymPods. To save her back the lady was keen to perform sit ups on the ball rather than on the floor and quite a few on Facebook agreed.

As I’ve said before with such a new business and unique concept it’s all a learning curve and any feedback or suggestions you may have are always welcome.

And while we’re on the subject of change and improvements I think I ought to do some research on writing a better blog! Suggestions welcome for that too!

Di x

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