Exciting times at FitnessPod!

Pleased to tell you our thrilling new pod – SkiPod will be opening this weekend.


We love it! Still based around cardio equipment the SkiPod offers a couple of different exercise machines, perfect for getting fit for that Ski holiday or just for some variety in your workout.

The first is the SkiErg. An upright concept 2 rower attached to the wall …and a killer! Based on Nordic skiing, an exhilarating and aerobically challenging sport, the SkiErg will help you build strength and endurance. Providing one of the toughest workouts around it really exercises your arms and shoulders, your core muscles and, because you squat at the same time, your buttocks! It’s great but I’m really going to have to work on my stamina for this.

Skierg instruction

Our second exciting machine is the Pro Ski Simulator, concentrating on the side to side movement required for carving or making ski turns. This interesting piece of equipment provides effective training of technique, balance and coordination, you can increase your muscle mass, improve your body balance and work on your turns. Exercising with this machine will result in better and more effective skiing on the slopes. It also provides a fantastic workout for your thighs and buttocks … And don’t forget the lower you go the more intense the workout!


The SkiPod also features the ever popular treadmill, fitness bike and concept 2 rower so you’ll find plenty of equipment for a full body workout with variety.

Book online today – bobble hats optional!

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