Feeling Inspired

Feeling Inspired

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received messages from two friends telling me what an inspiration I’ve been to them to lose weight, to get their arse in gear and to get fit.

Now if you know me you’ll know I’m not going to be one of those amazing people who lose 10 stone, run the London Marathon, swim the English Channel and become mayor of Douglas … I don’t have that determination or competitiveness in my personality. And I’m certainly not one of those people who would enjoy a personal trainer pushing me to ‘get the most out’, ‘feel the burn’ … aarghhh those kind of positive, pushy people just make me want to rebel, sit on my ass and eat ice cream!

I am simply a (*ahem) normal woman, mother of two with a busy family life, someone like you who doesn’t always have the time, or inclination, to prepare a super healthy dinner every evening. I have processed foods, crisps and chocolate in my cupboard just the same as you and enjoy a glass of wine with a takeaway most weekends.

Enjoying exercise has come as something of a surprise to me. At school I enjoyed certain PE lessons but did everything I could to get out of others … any athletics which involved running usually! But since we started FitnessPod and I discovered the Forever Clean 9 nearly a year ago I have been amazed at what my body can achieve.

It’s the little things which spur me on each day,… being able to carry a pile of washing upstairs without being out of breath, taking clothes into a shop changing room and being able to choose which ones I love rather than just those which fit, not feeling the need to hide my stomach behind my kids in holiday photos, running (yes running, I know …amazed myself!) on a treadmill and building up how long I can keep going for, not having to have hubby push or pull me up hills when we walk the dog, less monthly hormonal skin breakouts – middle aged acne is no fun, and just generally feeling stronger and healthier every day.

I’m nowhere near ‘done’ I know that! For it has slowly dawned on me that this weight loss journey is a lifestyle change not a quick fix diet. I want to continue to push myself, yes me – push myself – as for me this is what works. It can be done. I found that little bit of determination in myself to change without being drastic, without filling every waking minute with a healthy regime and forgetting to live, or spending shed loads of money. I realised that when I cheat or miss a workout, I’m just cheating myself … And that’s ok as long as I hold myself accountable for it.

So inspiration? To be an inspiration was never my intention but I guess the point of this blog is to let you know that you should try it! Losing some weight and getting a little or a lot fitter feels great!

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