Ten Tips to Help You Get Back to Podding

Ten Tips to Help You Get Back to Podding

It’s ok you can admit it… It’s been 2 months or more since you were last inside FitnessPod.
I know, I know it was summer, you had a fabulous time showing off your new fit body gained in the pods and consumed copious amounts of calories in celebration. Then owing to all your previous hard work you decided to treat yourself to a little break. Now the question is how do you start again?

Getting back into working out can be intimidating so to help you AND me return to a regular exercise routine just in time for Christmas here’s my top 10 get back to FitnessPods tips.

1. Stop wearing comfortable clothes around the house.
Guilty! I love nothing more than lounging around in a pair of stretchy tracksuit or yoga pants every single day, or even more shamefully my pyjamas! But I always find that I’m less likely to dunk a biccy in my cup of tea if I’m wearing a pair of skinny jeans…especially when I’m also wearing a slightly-too-tight-for-me top that draws attention to my growing muffin top.

2. Tape a picture of yourself to your fridge and cupboards.
There’s nothing more powerful than having a picture of a hotter, trimmer version of yourself staring at you every time you reach for the sweet tin. Ok mine is 20 years old but it works! Trust me on this one.

3. Set a goal.
Whether you want to shed those last pesky pounds of baby weight or squeeze into that new pair of skinny jeans, write your goal down on a Post-it note and stick it somewhere you’ll see it over and over and over again. Or why not set it as your lock screen for your phone or tablet? I have one that says, “I WANT TO WEAR A BIKINI!” as the screen saver on my iPad.
(Spoiler alert *still a bikini virgin!)

4. Write down everything you eat.
Have you ever done this? I started recording my intake on My FitnessPal yesterday and I was so embarrassed about the number of calories I consume on a daily basis (why do I eat so much while I’m preparing dinner?) that I couldn’t wait to go to the FitnessPod this morning to run it all off.

5. Team up with a friend.
I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for organized fun, so the whole notion of having a gym buddy really doesn’t appeal to me. But even if you don’t actually workout together you could compare gym notes to keep each other motivated to look hot by bikini season. If you’re one of those competitive types it will feel pretty awesome that you’re the ONLY ONE who worked out in the last 5 days! Or you BLASTED their ‘calories burned’ total out of the water!

6. Download some good tunes.
Nothing gets me pumped more than listening to some loud, upbeat, blood-pumping songs while I’m sweating at the pods, so I’ve started to reward myself with a new iTunes download for every 5 workouts I do. And it’s keeping me motivated!

7. Keep your workout fresh.
For a long time, I was doing the same routine every single time I went to the FitnessPod, and soon I found it made the time drag on forever and ever. So now I switch it up a bit. One day I’ll concentrate on the elliptical machine (aka “hell”), some days I’ll go for a run, I’ve started adding in one day of strength training in the PowerPod and every once in a while I’ll grab a magazine and hop on a bike for 30 minutes. It keeps things a little more interesting and helps pass the time!

8. Drink more water.
When “hungry” at a non-meal time, drink a full glass of water, or two, and wait 5 minutes. I often find hungry was really thirsty plus I get the benefits of hydrating myself too boot. Still hungry? Head for the fruit bowl!

9. Reward yourself.
I like to set short-term goals around calories (if I make it to the FitnessPods 3 times in a week, I get an extra glass of wine on Friday and Saturday nights) and long-term goals around clothes (if I squeeze back into those skinny jeans, I’m treating myself to a hot pair of heels), but you can do whatever works for you. Just make sure to keep your rewards motivating so you have something to work towards. And don’t cheat or over reward yourself! Don’t want all that hard work going to waste!

10. Don’t be a slave to the scale.
Don’t obsessively weigh yourself hourly, daily even weekly. Your weight fluctuates and an increase might see you losing your good intentions and ending up face down in a box of ice cream (not from personal experience you understand!). Instead of being stuck on the numbers judge your progress by how your body feels, how your clothes are fitting or even measure inch loss.

Do you have any tricks that will help the rest of us get back into a regular exercise routine?


  • lynn merriman:

    Great tips! Thanks!
    I started a secret facebook group and just invited 8 very supportive good friends. Not only does it allow me to find an exercise pal if I want one but they offer me lots of tips and encouragement too-and there has been many a day that I have got up and done something simply because I couldn’t face telling them I hadn’t!
    Also my gal is weight loss as I have very damaged knees that struggle to carry me so I stuck an ‘all about your total knee replacement operation’ leaflet on the door of the kids goodie cupboard!!

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