Exercise? Oh I though you said "extra fries"!!??

Exercise? Oh I though you said

School holidays, wet weather for days on end, fed up kids … every Isle of Man parents nightmare!

Believe me, being the mum of two teenage, active boys with boundless energy, I totally, TOTALLY understand!

Did you know we welcome accompanied teens aged 12 and over?
The FitnessPod is a great way for your teenagers to burn off some of that excess energy when they can’t get outside and a far healthier alternative than television, video games and numerous fast food chains.

When it comes to working out, it is more fun and motivating in groups. That’s why our pods accommodate up to 3 users per pod, where you can feed off each other and get the work done!

And FitnessPod is completely pay as you go so no need to worry that if they lose interest, as we know fickle kids do, you’ll be stuck paying a monthly membership cost.

However we would like to point out its not drop and go child care …. for user safety, comfort of all our users and safe usage of the equipment anyone aged 12 to 17 must be accompanied by the booking adult, aged 18+, at all times whilst using the FitnessPod.

So why not pop onto our easy online timetable and get the family booked in today!

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